Software Version History

May 9, 2011: Version
- Fix: The game title field is "(All)" only the first time the Add Game dialog is used.
- Fix: Games are wrongly added under "My Games" if the user has not logged in atleast once.
- Fix: The Geelix watermark logo used by the windows media encoding should say
- Fix: The progress bar restarts after a while (around 50MB) when uploading large wmv file.
- Fix: Double-clicking (or playing) WMV-files does not work in Windows 7.
April 7, 2011: Version
- New web site
- Redesigned Desktop Application
December 5, 2008: Version
- New web site
- Improved Uploading
- Parental Guidance controls
August 30, 2007: Version
- Encoder config for video quality
- Windows Vista UAC support
- HudConfig application
- DirectX9Ex support
- Encoder installer module
- Improved updating module
July 24, 2007: Version
- Improved HUD insertion
- Improved user input capture
- Multisampling/antialiasing detection
- Miscellaneous bugfixes
June 12, 2007: Version
- New and enhanced live video capture and sharing
- View the live video game desktop of your friends
- Voice over IP for speaking with your friends
- Play back recorded game videos in the HUD
- Encode and upload recorded game videos from the HUD
- New portal features for HUDs
April 5, 2007: Version
- New and enhanced video recorder
- New and higher performance REC-codec
- Multicore threading enhancements
- Input Device data capture (mouse and keyboard)
- New portal features for Input Device data playback
- Improved Desktop DLL insertion manager
March 5, 2007: Version
- New Desktop Application
- Autodetection of installed games
- Automatic DLL insertion
- Desktop chat and friend management
- Automatic encoding and uploading of AVI recordings
- New portal features for sharing recordings
November 27, 2006: Version
- Performance improvements to AVI and JPEG recorders
November 20, 2006: Version
- First release of Geelix HUD and Desktop Applications
- AVI video recorder
- JPEG desktop sharing
- Chat and view desktop
- New social video game portal
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