About Geelix

Geelix is a project performed in cooperation between Gridmedia Technologies AS and the Norwegian University of Science and Technology. The project is sponsored by Gridmedia Technologies AS and the Research Council of Norway. Ole-Ivar Holthe is the Product Manager for Geelix.

Contact Us

For sales, marketing, collaboration, or other inqueries, please feel free to contact us at:
geelix (at) geelix (dot) com.


The main objective of Geelix is to teach development of serious games and edutainment.

Thanks to students

We wish to thank all the students for participating with their student projects:
- Gjermund Alsos for evaluating the user interfaces of our authoring tools.
- Lars Jølsum for helping us implement the Java 2.0 virtual machine and APIs.
- Espen Åmodt for helping us implement the SVG renderer.
- Terje Bakken and Jarle Snertingdalen for helping us implement our first webcast and media archive.
- Frode Nerbråten for helping us implement DirectX X-file and Shader support in our Web browser plug-in.
- Andreas Røsdal, Lars Krutådal, Hong Trang Thi Nquyen, Berit Eleni Sirris and Olav Engelsåstrø for helping us
  implement the next version of our media archive.
- Richard Tingstad and Kristian Amlie for helping us implement the first version of Geelix InGame and HUD.
- Erik Hoff, Runar Ovesen Hjerpbakk, Tarje Killingberg and Kåre Nordvik Karlsen for a content authoring system.
- Kristian Kjesbu Drøsshaug, Erlend Neergaard, Mads Helge Kålen, Stian Marius Nielsen and Henrik Johan Ramdahl
  Turkerud for experimenting with game servers.
- Ola Mogstad for helping us implement the Linux and Mac OS X LiveGames client.
- Frederik Nordberg for helping us implement DirectInput capture.
- Håkon Raudsandmoen, Vegard Johannessen, I Made Agus Setiawan, Kristoffer Stensen, Magnus Sellereite Fjell,
  Henrik Rønnekleiv and Mads Holden for helping us implement Geelix GameDevOS.
- Aleksander Elvemo, Andreas Hunderi, Cato O. Strand, Erlend Haugsdal, Martin Ellefsrød, Nicolaj Broby Petersen
  and Vegard Djuvsland for helping us implement Geelix Mesh Explorer.

We wish to give special and golden thanks to the underlined students for exceptional efforts and outstanding results.
The order of the student projects is chronological, from the first project to the latest project.


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