This Privacy Statement explains how information about you is collected, used and handled by Geelix Corporation ("GEELIX") when you use our mobile software ("Software").

By downloading, installing and/or using the Software, you agree to let GEELIX collect, use and handle information about you as specified here.

The Privacy Statement may be changed at any time without notice. We recommend that you review the Privacy Statement periodically and whenever you update the Software.

We integrate advertising solutions, i.e. Unity Ads, for providing advertising in the Software. These advertising solutions collect information. We do not know exactly what information is gathered, beyond what is described in Unity's Privacy Policy, and have limited control over the content being displayed.

We integrate analytics solutions, i.e. Unity Analytics, that monitor the performance of the Software and the gaming experience. We do not log any personal information to the analytics solutions, but the analytics solutions may log some personal information.

Integrated solutions collect, use and handle this data in order to enable us to provide the Software, and for improving the Software.

You can opt-out of sending personal information to the advertising and analytics solutions by following the instructions in Unity's Privacy Policy.

Please note that Unity's Privacy Policy is also subject to change.

The Software requires an Internet connection in order to communicate with the advertising and analytics solutions.

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